Sunday, May 26, 2013


For the first time in the team’s history, the Reading Royals won the Kelly Cup last night in Stockton, California against the Stockton Thunder. This was the first Kelly Cup finals series played in California as well.

Reading took control of the game with a goal in the First Period and continued to score, making the total 6-0 against the Thunder.

The Royals won the final series against Stockton 3 games to 1, Stockton winning the third game.

The team under Coach Larry Courville, started the year out slow and not with the best record, but with perseverance, battled through to the playoffs and made it successfully to the end.

Stockton had a similar story, except they managed to come from behind in most of their playoff games, thus earning the nickname “Comeback Kids”. But Reading was too much even for them, and the Pennsylvania crew will have a parade in Downtown Reading Wednesday evening at 6pm.

Royals’ Goalie Riley Gill gets Kelly Cup Playoff MVP of 2013. He had two shutouts in the finals and four shutouts in total; he’s tied for second most in league history.

Both fan bases should feel proud of their team's performances. They are what hockey is all about!

Game 4 May 24, 2013 (Tasha Hudick)

Now, for some Bulls Sheet news…..There will be a full website coming this summer! It will cover not only the SF Bulls, of course, but all of minor league hockey! We’ll have interviews, stories, pictures, as well as continue my blog about the Bulls.

It’s going to start small, but will grow with time. The start date is July, so keep reading The Bulls Sheet, I’ll announce it when the start date is closer!

Until then…Hockey Rules!