Sunday, January 13, 2013


Long title, I know, but my blog today serves two purposes so I'll get straight into it. First, let's take care of business.

Today's matinee was against the once-lowly Bakersfield Condors. But they are lowly no more. This is a new Condors hockey team. They're tough, strong and fast. They have many new players and the chemistry between players works great. They've won their last few games and the Bulls had better watch their backs because this last place team is knocking on their door.

We really needed to win today's game and we nearly tied it in the last period. Instead, we lost 4-2. It was a great game, exciting to watch, fast with some great plays and good scoring, but in the end the Condors outplayed us.

The Bulls have new players as well as I've previously written about. But is it enough? I'm not so sure. We got the chance to see the new guys play today. I was most impressed first with Collin Reddin. The guy can skate! He had some nice flow going down the ice, reminding me of Tarasov who we miss so badly right now. Jonathan Lessard I also really like. He's a tough, gritty player, more in the style of Alex Tuckerman. He's not afraid to make a good hit when needed or plunge through a line with the puck.

Rob Kwiet is also standing out as a leader on the defense. He's grown so much since joining the Bulls, and we really need him and the rest of the defense to protect the net. This was the first game goal tender Taylor Nelson was pulled, after giving away two goals. The first goal wasn't his fault. The defense allowed a puck to get past them, so the help wasn't there for him, but on the second goal perhaps Nelson didn't react quickly enough. Whatever the case, Coach Curcio felt the need to change goalies and it was our first chance to see alternate goalie Bryan Hince, who, with the exception of one early goal, held the net well.

The last two games have been very close, so it's only a matter of time until the team pulls it all together. Do they need a couple more players to do this? It wouldn't hurt. But we'll see what the Coach does. I'm sure he'll think of something.

Now there's a couple issues I have to address and I hope the Bulls management reads this. The first is the in-game announcer. Is he a friend of someone? A relative of the team owner? Why is he there? He mispronounces players' names, forgets what team the Bulls are playing, doesn't read penalties, gets players positions wrong; the guy can't get through a game without messing up a dozen times. He's an embarrassment, to be honest. Sorry to be so blunt, but if there's an ongoing complaint I get from people, it is him. I'm sure there's a dozen people more qualified who could do his job. He's had his fun for four months, now can we please get someone who knows how to announce hockey games, pretty please???

The second problem only started two games ago. Whoever is in charge of getting the visiting team ready either needs a new watch or we need a new person doing that job. It's INEXCUSABLE that the visiting team is NOT on the ice for the singing of the National Anthem. Tonight, they were barely on the ice on time, so either wait and make sure they are ready, or get them prepared earlier.

OK, business is done. Now for the fun part....because I love our San Francisco sports teams and I've been a San Francisco 49er fan my entire life, I'm VERY happy they beat Green Bay yesterday. I thought the BULLS SHEET would have a tribute to this great football team by showing pictures of Bulls fans Kaepernicking! What is Kaepernicking? Exactly what 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is doing below! So, without further ado, here is a collection of SF Bulls fans KAEPERNICKING!!!

Don't forget! Bulls Weekly is Thursday, January 17th, 6pm at Pedros. Next home game is January 19th versus Stockton. There is NO GAME on the 16th!

GO 49ers! GO BULLS!!!!