Monday, March 4, 2013


…to ask of Bulls fans.

The Bulls will be playing three games against the Alaska Aces, starting this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Bobby Hughes of the Aces (no relation)

This means that Thursday all day and night they’ll be free. They may get a morning skate in and then a nap that afternoon and then have the evening free.

Nick Mazzolini of the Aces 

The team will probably want to see some of our fairly more touristy areas, so, because we are such an awesome city filled with friendly, warm, welcoming people (OK, I’m stretching it, but you get my point), if you San Francisco inhabitants happen to run into any visiting Aces players, invite them to the nearest Watering Hole and buy them a drink, or three. Don’t be shy or stingy, this is your DUTY as a Bulls fan to help out the Bulls!  

Do a few shots of Jaeger with them, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Set up some inviting Pedron glasses, who could resist? Consider your hangover on Friday as taking one of the team.

These three games are most likely going to be what the playoffs will be like, so it’s important for us to get whatever edge we can, seeing that our penalties can be wild and our offense tame.

(And yes, this was written tongue planted firmly in cheek so please take it as so.)

Wednesday is 2-for-1 hotdogs, so be there when the Bulls take on the Aces!