Monday, April 1, 2013


It's the start of baseball season and even though the San Francisco Giants are starting the season down in LaLa Land at Dodger Stadium, the Giants opened up AT&T Park for fans this afternoon to watch the game for free from their big screen. That's pretty cool.

In traditional form, the Giants lost this first game of the season, (as they have for a few years now), and when Bulls Weekly started at Pedro's across from AT&T Park, Giants fans were well on their way drinking off the loss.

Tommy Grant

That didn't slow us down at all. We welcomed the disappointed and tipsy Giants fans to watch the broadcast and have fun with us. Some stuck around and probably had a bit too much fun. Not that they'll remember it in the morning...

The Front Office Crew

Tommy Grant was Jason Lockhart's guest tonight. He was the perfect guest to have tonight with the Playoffs coming up and the team heading to Alaska Wednesday. Tommy spent a few years going to college and playing hockey in Anchorage, so he knows the area well. He shared some secrets about living up north and being on a college hockey team.

Misty, Rocky & Shelly

Jason gave away lots of goodies to the crowd and the good-sized crowd had a blast.

With the Giants schedule coming up, Jason's not sure when the next broadcast will be, but I'll let you know as soon as I find out.


The FIRST Playoff game is this Friday from Anchorage, AK at 8:00pm Pacific time.  The SECOND game is Saturday, also at 8pm.

The Playoff games at home start Thursday, April 11th! BE THERE!!!