Saturday, February 9, 2013


After being down 0-3 to the Ontario Reign in Southern California, the Bulls hoofed it back to tie up the game only to lose in a Shoot Out last night, Friday, February 8th. This was the exact opposite of Wednesday’s game and a prime example of what the team can do when they set their sights to winning.

Hans Benson had received a one-game suspension for fighting in the last five minutes of Wednesday’s game, so he was out. This is standard ECHL procedure and to be expected. Peter Sivak was also scratched due to flu-like symptoms. I only hope he’s back very soon. During the game, Jordan Clendenning and Scott Langdon ran into each other and Langdon left the game for a while, but returned, fortunately.

Dean Ouellet, Jordan Morrison and Chris Carlson all scored for the Bulls. Ouellet and Carlson were also able to score in the Shoot Out, though the Reign got one more past Taylor Nelson, who, in spite of this, did a great job.

The one thing that did drag the team down, especially in the beginning, were penalties. They simply must do a better job at disciplining themselves. Games with the Reign are always filled with emotion, so I know this isn’t always easy. The two teams dislike each other intensely. Need I say there’s more hatred towards these two teams than any rival team with the Bulls? Jonathan Lessard broke a pane of glass out with his stick in the Third Period, as an example. However, their heads have to be in the right place, and thank goodness this is the two teams final match up until the playoffs when we may be playing them again.

On the upside, they’re playing like a team once more, which is what they need to do for the remainder of the season. They won’t have any more of those nasty six-day breaks any longer; they seem to hurt more than help.


The Bulls play two games against the Bakersfield Condors starting tonight, Saturday at the Barn. This weekend the team wear special jerseys in Sharks’ teal, which will go on auction or raffle. So be there for your chance to purchase them!