Saturday, December 29, 2012


It's been a wild, woolly and very busy Christmas season with lots going on for our Men in Orange, Black & Gold. The team spent Christmas in a variety of ways. Some players went home for a few days, while a lot of them rented a couple cabins at Lake Tahoe, enjoying some great new snow. Coach Curcio and his family relaxed with some well-deserved downtime in Las Vegas.

With Christmas over, the team was back to work. SF Bulls Live took place this past Thursday with Taylor Nelson as Jason's guest. It was a nice big crowd at Pedro's for the lively interview.

Taylor Nelson & Jason Lockhart

The team handily beat the Las Vegas Wranglers 4-1 in Friday's game, the last Bulls' game of 2012. It was a packed house, as the team held a terrific promotion getting over 8,000 hockey fans into the seats. And what a great crowd! I hope lots of these new fans come back, because they were outstanding! Radio Disney was there before the show for the kids, and each child got a killer new t-shirt!

Coach Curcio at pre-game talk

Coach Curcio gave a pre-game talk as well. That was excellent, as it's always a treat hearing him speak about the team and take questions. He told the crowd when his idea of starting a new team here began (three years ago), how long the team plans on staying at the Cow Palace (at least 5 years or so) and what the team's biggest weakness is (having a large number of rookies without the experience to maintain leads in close games). If he holds another talk like this again, I highly suggest joining, because it is well worth your time!

Tuckerman, Crescenzi & Benson

The game was a great one, exciting and well-played. Great scores by Dean Ouellet, Rob Kwiet, Alex Tuckerman and Peter Sivak made for an excellent offensive effort. Hans Benson is back on the ice, which makes a huge difference. Another major effort Friday was by Kris Belan. One of the Wrangler players made a very dirty hit on our Captain Justin Bowers. Belan didn't hesitate to knock him with his stick in the next line. Don't you DARE mess with our captain!

One COMPLAINT I do have about last night....the glass was STILL fogged up when the first period started. I understand the Barn is old. I get it. However, the glass MUST be cleaned BEFORE the game. Having fogged up glass at gametime is clearly unacceptable. Please, Maintenance Folks, I beg you, take care of this ahead of time.

Me with Hans Benson & Danill Tarasov

Later today, the team will be at the San Francisco Zoo signing autographs at their light festival. So, stop by, check out the lights, the animals and say hi to the Bulls!

New Year's Day, the Bulls players will be at Union Square for the Polar Bear day at a special dunk tank where we can dunk the players! I am really looking forward to this. Check out the excellent Bulls website Community page for more information.

And FINALLY, the Bulls website will be linking up with THE BULLS SHEET! So we'll have lots more readers and more comments from you!

I'll be writing my final post of 2012 on New Years Eve and will give you my thoughts of this past year and what I look forward to in 2013.