Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Personable Goaltender Bryan Hince was Jason Lockhart's guest at Bulls Weekly, held at Pedro's Cantina. Bryan is likable to say the least. His chatty, relaxed nature is genuine and came across well in Jason's broadcast. He likes it in San Francisco and with his past goaltending record, we like having him here. He was 5-0 with the Greenville Road Warriors in 2011-12 and 3-1 in the same season with the Idaho Steelheads.

Bryan Hince

Also tonight, the Voice of the Idaho Steelheads, Will Hoenike stopped in and talked about hockey, Idaho and New Years Eve in Vegas. Yeah, it was THAT kind of a night at Pedro's.

Will Hoenike & Jason

Jason had some surprises up his sleeve as well. He does a superb job of tossing new things into the show, and they work very well. Tonight, he introduced Cup Toss! You chug your cup of beer, then you have to toss the cup over on its end. Needless to say there was a bit of discrepancy over who won and we'll leave this for late night bar discussions later...

Cup Toss!

Who won? TBD....

Now, aren't you sorry you didn't stop by? Next Bulls Weekly is next Wednesday. BE THERE!

The Bulls also added defenseman Joe Tolles who last played with the Kalamazoo Wings. We welcome Joe and hope he likes it here in The City.

Bulls play the Steelheads tomorrow night at the Barn! Beers are 50% off!!