Sunday, March 24, 2013


The Bulls lost to Stockton 4-1 tonight in a tough battle that unfortunately was not enough to gain a win. One of the bright spots was a beaut of a goal from new player Nick Czinder, his first of the year.

Nick has a fascinating way of skating. He’s very tall, a little lanky yet quite strong with some of the most flowing golden hair you’ll see. His large size allows him to force his way past the opposition, but he never does it in a oafish manner. Quite the opposite, Czinder has style on the ice. With his long blond hair and picturesque stature, he’s very metal-looking. If he wasn’t a hockey player, he’d be blasting a guitar or thrashing at a drum kit in a metal band somewhere. But never forget he’s very skilled on those sharpened blades and was able to find the net when others could not.

Nick Czinder

It was a big night at the Barn. It was LGBTQ/You Can Play night, and after the game, the team held a live auction of worn jerseys to help raise money for these organizations. As we walked in, the staff handed us either cow bells or rally towels, whichever we wanted.  

Rawhide (courtesy of SF Bulls)

Even with the lopsided score, it was a fast, exciting game. We kept hoping that the Bulls would catch up, but they didn’t seem to have the right stuff tonight.

Jordan Morrison got hit on the cheek with a puck last night, so he was still recuperating tonight and not in the line-up. Rob Kwiet was back on the ice, which was a help. Simon Danis-Pepin is still not back, but should be shortly, as well as Ian Schultz. Tommy Grant was finishing up a two-game suspension tonight and should be playing in the game tomorrow in Bakersfield.

William Lacasse & Mikael Tam

With the loss of Morrison and Grant, the team was top-heavy in defense so Captain Scott Langdon jumped to offense during the game. According to the Gackle Report (, Langdon filled in when the team needed him. This is the sign of a great Captain. I’m in true admiration of his leadership; he’s grown into the role so much that I couldn’t be more proud.

Speaking of the Gackle Report, I finally had the chance to meet Paul Gackle and speak with him for a while. I also met the great folks who shoot and produce the amazing Bulls videos. They do such great work!

Paul Gackle & Myself

The Bulls Video Crew

My friend David and I discovered something new tonight. They have POUTINE at the Barn! That’s right! That delicious, oh so yummy, stick-to-your-ribs Poutine! What is Poutine, you ask? It’s a taste treat from the cold north, Canada. It’s origins are Quebec, where the winters are cold and long and they need hearty food to see them through and to soak up all that beer. Poutine is French fries covered with gravy, topped with traditionally curd cheese. Of course, we’re in California, so they use shredded white cheddar cheese. But no matter! It’s really good!

I didn’t stay for the live auction. I’m sure I’ll find out who won what soon enough. They all look great and it will be fun for anyone who can to snag a jersey. I would be happy to have any of those offered.  


Tomorrow, the Bulls are on the road and play the Bakersfield Condors at 5pm. Then, next Wednesday, they’re back home playing the Idaho Steelheads and the very last game of the regular season is Friday, March 29th again versus Idaho.

With only two games left in the season, you really do need to go!