Saturday, November 17, 2012

Awesome Friday Night Win at the Palace!

November 17th, 2012

Now THIS is hockey at its FINEST! Last night I had the time of my life at the old Palace. The Bulls played spectacular hockey, that all San Franciscans can be proud of! We beat the Idaho Steelheads 4 to 2. They're the affiliates of the Dallas Stars and there was one lowly Stars fan who cheered when the Fish scored their two goals. Other than that he was very quiet when Section 19 made a MASSIVE effort to cheer extra loud his way.

#25 Simon Denis-Pepin

It was a great night. My pal from last Monday's dinner, Alex Tuckerman made First Star! I was so happy for him! Let's hope this earns him a spot on the regular roster! Are you listening, Bulls?

It was also a very cool night because I was interviewed by Comcast about the Matador Club and what we do for the Bulls. I was nervous as all out, but I think it went well. Thank you so much to Jason for suggesting I do it, and thank you Gianna for being such a professional and gracious interviewer!
Face Off

If you haven't checked out the Bulls' merchandise yet when you go to the game (and why haven't you?), you really need to. Their choices are pretty awesome. They do need to make improvements on what they offer online, the choices are really limited, but when you go to a game, there's tons of great gear and collector's items to be had. I picked up what I've wanted for months: a black, zippered and LINED hoodie! I LOVE this sweatshirt!!!

I know many of you are new to hockey, so this is for you new fans. Or, if you're not new and you know people who are going to games for the first time, please, let's educate them to be GOOD fans. Here's a couple things for them to know:

DO NOT POUND ON THE GLASS!!!! I can't stress this enough. It's tacky and not what good hockey fans do!!!! So many people were doing this last night. It's annoying. I was sitting on the opposite side of the rink last night, so it might just be that side. I hadn't seen so many people doing it on Player's Bench side I usually sit on.

Check out this video of an annoying Glass Pounder!

And finally:

If the Bulls are ahead let's say 4 to 2: no one on the Bulls team is going to start a fight, so stop shouting for them to fight! Fights don't just start without a reason. Fights serve a purpose in hockey. If you just want to watch fighting, go see an MMA bout or something.

Now, the Bulls are in the middle of a busy weekend. They play two games against the Utah Grizzlies starting tonight at 7:15pm and then tomorrow at 2:00pm.