Thursday, January 3, 2013


It was a rowdy crowd at Pedro's Cantina tonight for Jason and his special guest Torrey Mitchell. Torrey who spent five years with the San Jose Sharks and is now with the Minnesota Wild is a local favorite. He's temporarily with the Bulls, as you all know from my last blog, he made his debut last night.

Torrey Mitchell & Coach Curcio

He's a great player and with this short stay, he'll get a little more attention than he's used to in the NHL, especially with the Wild and big paycheck guys like Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. So, it's nice we can give it to him. Jason with his excellent interview talents was as sharp as ever for an entertaining hour and Torrey was just as equally as great as a guest. After the live online hour, Torrey settled into a side table with his wife and Coach Curcio and his family and played a fun and loud game of bar dice.

Torrey & Jason

After the hour, there was an interview of him on CSN television playing silently on one of the TV screens while a college bowl game was on the other multiple screens.

Torrey was only too happy to talk to everyone, take as many pictures and sign as many items as everyone wanted. He's intelligent, funny, personable and a gentleman. He's an all-around great person. You really should have been there.

Andrea & her Drink!! 

Before Bulls Weekly, I was able to talk to Coach Curcio about last night's game. I told him I was so proud of the team, even with the Shoot Out loss, especially Goalie Taylor Nelson. He worked so hard and played so well. Curcio agreed. "He earned the right to play Friday night," Curcio said.

That's what I really like about Curcio. He doesn't favor anyone. He plays who's playing well. Each player has to EARN their way. That is the ONLY way to run a team, in my book. I respect that.

Friday day is Western night. So, show up in your Western wear and have a great time with us! I have a brand-spankin' new pair of boots I'll have on and just wait until you see them. They rule.



Last night's game was a nail-biter from beginning to end. Unlike the last two-game series, the Eagles this time came not to fight but to play. This was back-up goalie Taylor Nelson's toughest challenge and up until the very end he did very well.

I got upgraded to the BEST seats in the house!

Peter Sivak

Torrey Mitchell scored the Bulls only goal in the First Period, while Colorado's Devin DiDiomete scored their only goal in the Second.

Torrey Mitchell

Joking around during Warm Ups

Defense was strong for both teams. Bulls led in shots to goal 42 at 36. The loss came after many players tried in the Shoot Out. And for that, there is no dishonor in this loss, no reason to feel bad; this was a thrilling game and at least the Bulls get a point out of it.

Face Off

This is the way to play, Bulls! This is hard-fought, battling, never giving up, never giving in hockey! Nelson did an amazing job. He played his best and I'm very proud of him. This was probably one of the most important games of his short professional career.

If there's one area right now that the Bulls need to improve it's in Face Offs. The team doesn't seem to do well in getting the puck off of these and this couldn't be a big difference in tight games such as last night.

He has another coming up Friday against the same Colorado Eagles. It's Country Night at the Barn. Get your nicest duds out and join us for a good ol' time!

Also, tonight is Bulls Weekly and I've heard a couple different things about who is the guest. Needless to say, you should be there. 6pm at Pedro's across the street from AT&T Park.