Sunday, March 31, 2013


First, congratulations for the Bulls ending their regular season with a big win over Bakersfield, 5-1. It was a nice way to put a capper on what has been a banner year for the young team. Mikael Tam earned the HORNS OF THE GAME Award, our first ever recipient! He earns this by scoring two goals and by his excellent defensive work.

Horns of the Game Award to Mikael Tam
Now the team can settle in and work on their Playoff strategies.


Happy Easter everyone! Later this week I'll post my write up about the upcoming Playoffs. But, because today is Easter, I'm sharing with you many pictures I've taken throughout the season. Some have been posted, some have not.

Monday night Jason returns with BULLS WEEKLY at Pedro's Cantina. It will be his special Playoffs edition. So BE THERE!