Thursday, March 7, 2013


None of us in the stands were really sure how Wednesday’s first match against the Alaska Aces would go. We hoped, we crossed our fingers for the best, but there had been so many trades recently that the team hardly had a chance to play together or even remember each other’s names.

Mark Isherwood

It was a fierce, close game. Alaska won 2-1, but the Bulls were never out of it. I was amazed at the team’s new symmetry. There is chemistry in this new line-up that the team hadn’t had before. Of course there have been moments of brilliance with all of the past members, but never anything like this. The team continually won face-offs, and not just when Jordan Morrison, the Bulls Face Off King, was in the circle. Yes, it’s true. It was also the smoothest I’ve ever seen them in line transitions. Offense was great, defense was sharp and Thomas Heemskerk was tight. No one could expect them to play perfectly, but I was very impressed with how well they did.

Rob Kwiet

A couple things I took note of from Wednesday’s game. Yanni Gourde is a speedy skating machine! He can zip up and down that rink faster than the speed of light! He scored his first home goal, which was the only one the Bulls would get in the game. But I watched some of the other new players and was quite impressed with Kory Falite’s skating, as well as Mark Isherwood. There are so many new Bulls members, it will take a few games to study them and get to know their style, so I’ll let you know what I think in future blogs.

Alaska has 94 points. The closest team in points is Ontario with 88. The Aces are the top team in the ECHL. The next two games against them will be tough, they will be battles. I’m so happy the Bulls are prepared to give Alaska a taste of their sharpened horns!

Next two games to finish the series with Alaska are Friday night and Saturday night.


Today was, (THANKFULLY!!) the deadline for ECHL trades, so NO MORE trades for the Bulls. And with the deadline, they completed their transaction with the Gwinnett Gladiators by acquiring Nick Walsh (F). He has some decent numbers, so we’ll see how he does.


Earlier tonight was the return of Bulls Weekly. Jason’s guest was Alternate Captain Jordan Morrison. Jordan was a great guest, smart, quiet but meaningful, determined and fun. We had a good time at Pedro’s tonight.

Jordan Morrison

Next Bulls Weekly is next Thursday, March 14th. BE THERE!!!

Hope to see you at a game soon! Remember, the season is nearing an end you do NOT want to be left behind!