Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sad Day, Passings, Thoughts….

I was not in the best mood this morning when I got up. I had a case of insomnia last night. I woke up every hour on the hour it seemed, having very vivid dreams when I could get to sleep. I’m not sure if it’s the winter doldrums, stress or leftover disappointments of the holidays, but these last few days haven’t been the greatest and my downtime is feeling it.

Maybe it was a foreshadowing of the news of the day. The first thing I heard was a tweet that former Shark and NHL career journeyman Dominic Moore’s wife Katie had passed away from liver cancer. She had suffered a long time. Liver cancer is quite painful and more harsh than most. She battled it like a warrior for as long as she could.

We’ve all been affected by cancer. It is our shadow. We can try to run from cancer, but it follows us. We can make our lives as healthy and safe as we possibly can, but that doesn’t mean that those close to us will do the same. So, this horrible disease is still next to us, following, following, ready to strike.

My mother suffered for many, many years before she passed with cancer. It first appeared as breast cancer, but then after a two-year remission, appeared in her back, then spread everywhere. It could not be stopped before it took her life. Like Dominic, my father was at her side the whole seven years, doing what he could, loving her, supporting her, comforting her.

I am sure you all have stories. Heartbreaking ones. My Twitter friend Matty suffers terribly every day. It’s hard to hear how much he hurts and how much he has to go through. He loves hockey so much and if you use Twitter, he would love new friends and can be added at: @hockeyKOsCancer and @TeamMattyBear.

Word about Katie Moore’s death passed quickly through the Twitter lines and soon every hockey fan was sad. Dominic Moore, as a utility player, was used to switching teams, doing what he needed to do where it was needed, was loved by many, so he had many writers and fans sending their sympathies. We all feel bad because we all know what it’s like. Every one of us knows.

We cannot stop fighting this enemy. I don’t care what it takes, how long it takes, but it will be stopped. We will stop it. Fuck cancer.

For some more sad news, due to the end of the NHL lockout, we lost a couple more players today. Michael Tam and Daniil Tarasov are going back to Worcester Sharks. Tam I expected and I knew Tarasov would have, but I didn’t want to believe it. I wanted the Bulls to keep him! We need him!

The bright side of this dreary, sad day is that we’re getting Jonathan Lessard back. So, that’s pretty cool. I know we’ll get more new players and probably a couple more who have already been here. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.

And yes, the sun will come out tomorrow. Blah, Blah, Blah. Save it. I’m not in the mood…..

Remember Bulls Weekly tomorrow night with Dean Ouellet at Pedros and the Bulls take on Idaho Thursday at the Barn!