Thursday, February 7, 2013


Valentine’s Day, or, as I like to call VD, is around the corner. Whoopee. I’m not fond of Hallmark Holidays. I don’t think anyone should rely on a day on the calendar to tell their loved ones they love them.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone special in your life, why aren’t you telling them you love them every day? Why aren’t you giving them special things year-round? Do you give your loved one a gift just because a date on the calendar tells you to give?

VD creates so much pressure for everyone. For guys in relationships, it creates the stress of having to buy something. Even if they’re the type who shows their love and appreciation all the time, apparently, that’s not enough. VD says it’s not.

For females in relationships, they’ve nearly learned to expect something. Don’t be like this. Any lying, two-timing scumbag can give a lady flowers. The greatest gifts a man can give a woman are love, respect and loyalty. If you want flowers, buy them for yourself. I do this often. Surprise presents are nice, but not mandatory and how much of a surprise are they on a day when it is expected?

Then there’s the rest of us. I mean us Singles. Yeah, we need the rest of the world to tell us we’re single. We’re very much aware of this fact, thanks. Some of us may be happy being single and some not, but we certainly don’t need VD to ram our social status in our faces.

So I’m not much of a romantic in the commercial sense of the word. To me, integrity and real love are romantic. What is NOT romantic are the pressures and ridiculousness attached to VD. That’s why I want no part of it. Tell your sweetie you love them each and every day. Buy them presents when you want to, or even if you want. Love is the best present there can be, so I’m not sure what else a person needs that they can’t buy for themselves. It’s up to each of us to decide that.

Enough of my sharing time, here we go to Wrangle A Date Night…


The Bulls lost badly to the Wranglers, 5-0. I blame it on having six days off. The team hardly looked like one. There was little communication between players, bad passing, bad defense and an all-around ugly game.

Martin Lee

The two exceptions were Rob Kwiet, whose defense continues to get stronger, and Sebastien Trudeau, who, in spite of not scoring, looked bright and awake in trying to get a goal.

The whole date night thing didn’t help. The small crowd wasn’t into it. No, I’m not going to raise my hand when you ask for single people. No, I’m not interested in Speed Dating. Speaking of which, they held it, (or at least I think they did), in a room way to the corner of the Barn past the mechanical bull and then the in-game announcer never said where that room was located. Even worse, it’s called the Cactus room, but was misspelled on the game board as the Caucus Room.

SF Gay Men's Choir practicing before the game - performed awesome  Nat'l Anthem!

The Dating Game thing wasn’t a whole lot better. It was one guy asking three pretty ladies questions and then the crowd chose one for him. I won’t go into detail but I’m thinking now that the guy who participated was the only one who signed up.

Dylan King

Ah well, not every promotion is going to be successful and I commend the Bulls for trying something new.

The Guys play Ontario Friday and then a two-game series back at home with Bakersfield Saturday and Sunday. It should make for an exciting weekend.


I would be remiss if I did not mention the 49ers loss in the Superbowl last Sunday. I’m proud of the Niners. They had a great season and even though it’s disappointing, I can’t help but think that the team is going to be even stronger next year.


Next game is Friday from Ontario. Listen online at
Next Home Game at the Barn is Saturday, when they raffle and auction off the special Bulls jerseys in Sharks teal colors. I want Tuckerman’s!