Sunday, March 10, 2013


This was more than just a hockey game. It was a statement. It was a statement not only to the Las Vegas Wranglers, not only to the fans, but to the players themselves. And that statement is The Bulls are serious and they’re here to play AND win!

This was one of those games that will be remembered long after the season ends. Long after I’ve forgotten what the plonk of skates on ice is like, long after the chill of the inside of the Barn wears off. It was a momentous afternoon.

Taylor Nelson

Radio Disney blasted kid-type tunes to the awaiting smiles outside the doors and we made our way, sleepy eyed from turning our clocks ahead one hour. It’s amazing how much one hour makes a difference, but it does. I got a cup of the Barn’s coffee, which isn’t too terrible and that helped.

The Bulls beat the Wranglers 4-1. With the exception of the first half of the First Period, San Francisco dominated the entire game. Captain Scott Langdon got the Bulls in gear by engaging in a great fight between a Wranglers member early on during the First. Christian Ouellet scored the tying Bulls goal and from then on, it was Bulls all the way.

Bryan Cameron

Yanni Gourde, Peter Sivak and Tristan King scored the remaining goals for the Bulls. Taylor Nelson did a spectacular job at the net. He was brilliant the entire contest, as if he was cued in to just where the Wranglers were going to shoot the goal.

At one point, Dean Ouellet was so angry or broke his stick on the ice and damaged the door to the Bulls bench. Why he was angry is anyone’s guess. I’m thinking it was probably because the Wranglers were double-teaming him the entire game, or maybe because he’s been in a scoring slump, or maybe that he was slashed and it wasn’t called. Or it could be all of the above.  All this did was energize the Bulls even more. And then they played faster, better, more aggressive.

Yanni Gourde

Every team member played well. After talking to many fans, I’ve heard nothing but positives about all the Bulls players on the ice today. Simon Danis-Pepin is using his size more, Dylan King was a beast at defense as always, Kory Falite was awesome moving that puck up the ice and what can be said about our Roadrunner Yanni Gourde? He’s got the moves.

This was the prescription the doctor ordered. Thank you, Hockey Gods, you have been most merciful to the Bulls today.

Heads up to the music dude…you might want to think about switching the tunes around a little. You use the Stockton Thunder’s theme song AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” a bit too much. When the Thunder visit March 22 and 23, this song should not be used at all.

Next game the Bulls take on the Stockton Thunder in Stockton.  Listen at

Also Bulls Weekly at Pedro’s is this Thursday. BE THERE!!!

Next home game is Saturday, March 16th against the Utah Grizzlies. Sunday they’ll also play Utah. This will be a great time to see the recently traded Bulls members like Alex Tuckerman.



It’s hard being a fan sometimes. It’s even harder being a fan of a minor league team affiliated with a major league one. Things are made difficult because you never know when one of your best players will get called up leaving your team to do the best they can without him.

This is the case with the Bulls. Due to Thomas Greiss, backup Goalie of the San Jose Sharks’ injury, Alex Stalock of the Worcester Sharks flew to San Jose, which left Worcester without a backup. Thomas Heemskerk went to Worcester to fill in, leaving the Bulls with just one goalie. I wrote about this in yesterday’s blog. This is exciting for Heemer, the best thing that’s happened to him. However, it comes at the worst possible time for the Bulls as we need wins more than anything.

Bryan Cameron

The Bulls are only six points ahead of Bakersfield in the race for the eighth and final spot in the playoffs. Taylor Nelson is working hard. As the only goalie we have (we have a backup, but he’s more of the friend of one of the players there just in case), he’ll have to play every single game until Heemskerk comes back.

Word has it that both Heemskerk and Kris Belan will be back this week, which is great news for San Francisco. We’ll need them for the final push into the playoffs.

Until then, Alaska had control of the entire game last night, beating the Bulls 6-2. But don’t blame Nelson for all of it. This is his first year and he’s trying as hard as he can. San Francisco offense has to work a little harder and get more shots on goal. Power Plays have to be better than they have been lately.

Yanni Gourde & Kory Falite

Also, Ian Schultz was pulled due to a possible lower body problem he was having, but I was told this was a precautionary measure rather than an injury. I hope he’s OK, because he gives the team extra muscle, as well as being a good skating presence.

Interesting side note from last night: A few years ago I published an underground metal music magazine called BAST magazine. I printed it for 15 years. It was a big part of my life and loads of fun. I spent weeks each summer traveling to metalfests in the US and Europe while furiously trying to meet printing deadlines. I still have many friends in the music community worldwide because of it and people still remember the magazine. Last night, I ran into an old metalhead friend, Neil. It brought up some great memories and good experiences.  

Metalheads Neil & Myself

BAST magazine


This afternoon the team takes on the Las Vegas Wranglers. I’m hoping we can get some revenge for the beatings we took in the teams last two meet-ups. Game starts at 2:15pm. Be there!