Sunday, March 17, 2013


It was Star Wars Day at the Barn. The Bulls celebrated St, Patrick’s Day yesterday and saved today for Yoda, Luke and the rest of those wacky, space creatures to help raise money for Kristi Yamaguchi’s organization Always Dream Foundation.


Many fans showed up in cool getups. I had a great time at the game, going with my friend who had never been to a hockey game before. But she’s one of my closest and oldest friends and we’ve gone to many SF Giants games together including a historic playoff game, so I owe her a few.

It was also our last chance to see the ex-Bulls players, including Alex Tuckerman and Jordan Clendenning.

Alex Tuckerman (photo: Dan Parks)

The game started off well. The Bulls scored first with Christian Ouellet’s goal. Then Christian scored again, making it 2-0. But that would be all that the Bulls chalked up that afternoon goal-wise. Maybe the team was tired. But The Grizzlies were probably even more tired. So, I’m not sure why the team lacked the energy of the night before.

Ian Schultz (photo Dan Parks)

Until Thomas Greiss, the San Jose Sharks backup Goalie, gets back to full health and we get Thomas Heemskerk back from the Worcester Sharks, Taylor Nelson is our only Goaltender. He wasn’t as sharp today as he was in Game One; he let a few cheap goals through. He's not going to be perfect all the time, and at least the team has a week to rest up after today. 

And the chirping that had started last night began again. It flared up in the Third Period, when the score was 4-2 Utah, soon to be 6-2. Tommy Grant was given a five-minute major for elbowing and both sides on the ice nearly erupted. This ended with half dozen Bulls players being tossed out of the game, including Tommy Grant, Dean Ouellet, Mikael Tam, Ian Schultz, Mark Isherwood and Tristan King. The Bulls bench was nearly empty!

Dylan King had gotten into a good fight and bloodied his nose and left the game a little earlier. Also hurt was Scott Langdon, but it was his throat and he should be good for Friday’s game.

Dylan King fighting (photo: Dan Parks)

There were a lot of families and many new fans at this afternoon’s game. I love seeing people experiencing the Bulls for the first time. I’m glad more people are discovering what a great team we have. I welcome all of you to the Barn and hope you enjoy yourselves.

I saw a small bunch of new fans in the Seats In Goal area trying to get The Wave going today. Please, this must be stopped! San Francisco, even outside of hockey has longstanding tradition of hating The Wave. We boo Wave-doers at San Francisco Giants games. Outside of LA, it’s unacceptable. So, please, friends don’t let friends do The Wave.

The outcome of the game was disappointing, but we’re only a few points from snagging that last spot in the Playoffs and we should do it this upcoming weekend. Be at the Barn for our battle with the Stockton Thunder.

And remember the cheer:

What’s the matter with Stockton?

It’s in Stockton!



The Bulls had a special Tailgate party for their multi-game ticket holders today before the game with the Utah Grizzlies. It was set up in an outdoors area between the Barn and the outer buildings. Lots of picnic tables were placed side-by-side, as well as a long line of food, including hot dogs, chips, beans, potato salad and pasta salad.

Team members came out and greeted us and took lots of pictures with us. There was also a raffle with many fun prizes. Some were quite imaginative and would have been a blast to win, including a few signed sticks, a signed jersey. One prize was even getting to sit next to Jason Lockhart for the Third Period of a game and another one was playing team gear assistant for a game. 

Tailgate Party

Dan & Scott Langdon

Mikael Tam, Myself & Christian Ouellet


This game was also the Bulls pre-St. Patrick’s game. They gave out 2,000 green Bulls caps. This one is one of my favorite promotional caps. I think I’ll probably have Bulls caps in nearly every color after this season, one for every day of the week!   

Tonight was the first time the ex-Bulls members who had been traded a couple weeks ago have been back to San Francisco. Some of us were so excited to see them we waited impatiently in the visitor’s side of the rink for them to take to the ice during pre-game warm-ups. Smiles were exchanged between players and fans. Alex Tuckerman, Jordan Clendenning, Jonathan Lessard, Martin Lee, Cody Carlson and Sebastien Trudeau were back! I think some of their teammates were a little grumpy about the attention they were getting. I noticed their fellow Grizzly Tommy Maxwell snarling a little from us waving and smiling at the guys. Or, maybe Maxwell was just having a bad day, he seemed to be getting into a whole lot of chirping with a few Bulls players later in the game.

Alex Tuckerman

The Puck Alex Gave Me Tonight

It was a wild and high-scoring game, ending in a Shootout which the Bulls won 6-5! Utah scored first, but Peter Sivak answered later that First Period. Bryan Cameron scored the 2nd goal in the Second Period, giving San Francisco the lead. The Grizzlies came back and tied, but Sivak scored again, giving the Bulls the lead once more. Utah tied it up once more. Jordan Morrison scored and SF lead again! But Utah would not give up and tied it yet again. Christian Ouellet gave the Bulls the lead for the last time. The Grizzlies tied it up where it would stay through the rest of the regular time and through Overtime.

Tuckerman, Jordan Clendenning & Dean Ouellet (Photo: Dan Parks)

Only one Utah player could score past Taylor Nelson, while Cameron and Dean Ouellet scored on Grizzlies Goalie Ben Meisner.

There was a great fight in the First Period between Captain Scott Langdon T.J. Battani. That really got the team and crowd into the game. No one has timing in their fights like our Captain! There was also plenty of chirping between Maxwell and Nick Tuzzolino of Utah and Mikael Tam, Rob Kwiet and Ian Schultz. I've never seen Kwiet bothered so much before, he's usually co calm on the ice.  

 Taylor Nelson made 31 saves and ruled the net. Dean Ouellet leads the league in six shootout goals. It was a superb team effort that paid off greatly in the end.


Tomorrow’s game versus Utah starts at 2:15pm. It’s Star Wars Day, so if you’re into that, wear your best outfit and even if you’re not, still go! A portion of the game's proceeds will go to the Always a Dream Foundation and Kristi Yamaguchi and Bret Hedican will be at the game. So be there, help out this great cause and root for the our Bulls!!!