Saturday, March 23, 2013


In an exciting game that was lost because of a probable bad call, it’s easy to forget the other important things that happened at last night’s Bulls’ game.

It was the team’s Breast Cancer Prevention night and every adult female got a pink hat. There was a pink glove dance, like the Youtube video during the First Intermission as well. Seton Medical Center sponsored the evening and had plenty of representatives available. My mom died of breast cancer, so this is a pretty personal and important issue for me.

Pink Hat

Also last night, five of the six new players took to the ice. The new line of Daultan Leveille, Nick Czinder and Brett Findlay is nearly unstoppable. Leveille scored the only goal for San Francisco in the Second Period. Antoine Corbin on defense is a true leader. The sixth new player is Goaltender Travis Fullerton out of University of New Brunswick. Last year, he had a 209 saves with a .909%. Since it doesn’t look like Thomas Heemskerk is going to be back any time in the near future, San Francisco needs a good backup goalie, and Fullerton has good numbers.

Brett Findlay

The controversy mentioned above arose when there was a split second left in the game and Stockton scored. It’s hard to know if the goal should have counted or not. I don’t know for sure if it didn’t count, It LOOKED like it should NOT have counted, but it’s hard to know for SURE. The game then went into Overtime and a Shootout where the Thunder won.

Mark Isherwood

But, it was an exciting game and certainly not ruined, as some are saying by a call that may or may not have been the wrong one. It was a great game and will always be considered an outstanding effort by the team. Remember, this is a group of players, who, including the new players, haven’t played together before. There was one WHOLE NEW LINE!

I DO agree that instant replay is needed just for instances such as this; it would eliminate controversy, but we cannot allow ourselves as fans to get bogged down in this game’s ending.

I think every Bulls fan who went to last night’s should feel great optimism and happiness, even with this loss. Because this is a great team!

The playoffs are coming up and that is what should be on all of our minds. We need the strongest, fastest, toughest and BEST team we can. And I think we’re pretty close to accomplishing that.

Tristan King, Bryan Cameron & Hans Benson


Tonight’s game is the Bulls You Can Play/LGBTQ Night. The Bulls take on the Stockton Thunder once more for the team’s last meeting of the season. You don’t want to miss this one!