Sunday, December 9, 2012


The Bulls played two games against the Colorado Eagles this weekend. They lost both, the first 5-1 and the second 3-1. The second game was a much better effort. The Boys fought hard and the offense was highly improved over Friday night.

In fact, Saturday night’s game was really exciting. I knew the Bulls were serious when they had more Shots on Goal (10) in the first five minutes of the First Period than they had in the whole First Period of Friday night’s game (2). Both the offense and defense were skate to skate with Colorado throughout the whole game. The big difference was Colorado’s Goaltender Kyle Jones. And even though they lost the game, the effort didn’t go unnoticed.

What also was observed was the Eagles love of cheap shops, sniping and all around bad sportsmanship. During both games, I have rarely seen a team with an attitude as poor as Colorado. Even when a Bulls player got close to the Eagles bench because pushed into by an Eagles; player, one of the Eagles would push him away or start sniping at him. It’s funny because when I mentioned some of this on Twitter a friend of mine from Kansas confirmed this from the Eagles’ days in the CHL (Central Hockey League), so they have a history of bad attitude.

This got me to thinking… the Bulls are a brand new team. We’re still setting things down, figuring out who our rivalries will be. I’d say within our own division, the biggest ones are with the Stockton Thunder and the Ontario Reign. Time will tell who will be the biggest one of these. But a new one emerged this weekend.

Even though they’re not in the Pacific Division, (they’re in the Mountain), with the nasty disposition they’ve had towards the Bulls in the three games the teams have played so far, the Eagles are well on their way to being rivals.

In both home games, the two teams had three fights in the first game and two fights in the second. In Friday night’s game, the fights were in the First Period, with Colorado nearly begging to fight. Not sure why this team has such a snarky attitude, but they do.

The worst Eagles’ offense came when one of their players, I think it was Collin Bowman #10, but I’m not certain, tripped #55, Marek Viedensky and hit him in the private area, causing him to fall in intense pain on the ice. We fans were outraged. Not only that, the Eagles player then had the nerve to argue with the Ref about the penalty!  Lucky for him it was at the end of the game or the Bulls would have had a thing or two to “discuss” with him on the ice later.

Eagles #10 Collin Bowman

I can’t wait for the Bulls to play Colorado again because I know that the next round, we’re going to beat these pigeons!

Mark your calendars for SF Bulls Live this Wednesday when it’s back at Pedro’s Cantina across the street from AT&T Park. Be there! It’s loads of fun and you get to hang out with Jason Lockhart and one or two Bulls players.

Next game is Thursday against the Stockton Thunder. It’s two-for-one beer night so let’s turn out and show those Stockton fans who’s house it is! They seem to mistakenly think it’s theirs whenever they show up!


Dean Ouellet, Rob Kwiet & Me