Saturday, January 5, 2013


Some say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Not for me. Disneyland is a place where you may go to once or twice a year; where everything is pre-formed, not real, made up to pretend to be something else. That’s not my style. I like real life. I don’t need to pay a ton of money once or twice a year at a prefabbed amusement park to make me feel better.  No matter what kind of a day I’ve had, no matter how the world has treated me, as soon as I step through the old, creaky, dented front doors of the Barn, those worries slip away and I am at home. I am with friends.

Dean Ouellet

We’re about halfway through the season now and fans who started this inaugural season have made new friends, know who the season ticket holders in their rows are, can name the Bulls staff and most of the Barn vendors. This is one of the benefits of the minor league! Sure it’s small, but it’s also more intimate and friendly.

Kris Belan

Last night’s second game in this two-game stand against the Colorado Eagles was remarkable. We won this game 4-3 in a high-energy match. The entire team was ready. Peter Sivak scored two goals, leading the team. He was part of the Bulls most deadly line: Peter Sivak, Dean Ouellet & Danill Tarasov. Can you say SPEED? I would highly recommend using this line again, it’s nearly unstoppable. Dean Oullet scored the first goal for the Bulls. The second was by Rob Kwiet, the last two by Sivak.

Salute to the fans after the win

Taylor Nelson was amazing. Some of his saves were so good, I had to blink to make sure he really got the puck. He has stepped up and proven that he has the cojones to do the job. Bravo, Mr. Nelson, you were awesome.

In offense, defense and even face offs, where the team has had previous problems, the Bulls improved. The whole team played well. There were two fights. The first was Hans Benson in the First Period, he won. The second fight came in the Third Period by Scott Langdon who lost.

The REAL Bull!

It was Country & Western night at the Barn so many fans wore their western wear. I wore my red cowboy boots. The Bulls gave away orange foam cowboy hats as well. They had real cowboys performing rope tricks and a real bull. He was huge but seemed pretty docile. And, speaking of cojones, the team hosted a Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest.

Rawhide with Me & My BOOTS!!!

The crowd energy was excellent and meant a lot to the team. We have a really good thing going with this team, let’s keep it up!

Two events coming up next week:

SF Bulls Weekly on Wednesday, January 9th at Pedros. Jason Lockhart will have another Bulls player as his guest. It's directly across from AT&T Park. Starts at 6, be there!

Next game is January 10th against the Idaho Steelheads.