Saturday, April 13, 2013


I’m not going to get into a long description of last night’s game except that for most of the 60 minutes, it was one of the best, hardest-fought games the Bulls has ever played. Unlike Game 3 on Thursday night, the team didn’t look flat or tired as the team progressed they seemed to gain more energy, more desire to win.

Dean Ouellet

But it was not enough, as the Bulls lost to the Aces 6-5. The team played fiercely in a true war against the top team in the ECHL. I’m so proud of them I can’t express how much in mere words. Tonight is do or die, but no matter what happens, they have all of my respect and love.

Peter Sivak

Be at the Barn TONIGHT! You simply MUST if you’re in the Bay Area and a Bulls fans. This is the time the team needs you MOST! So, get out there and support the Bulls!!!


Kris Belan

Tommy Grant, Myself & Mikael Tam