Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Night Out at Joe's of Westlake

The Matador Club invited the Boys out to dinner this past Monday. It was a relaxed, casual affair, with lots of laughs and talk exchanged between the two groups.

Matadors & Bulls Players

Bulls Joe Sova & Matador Jim

Bulls Players with Kris Belan in the front

Bulls Players & Matadors

Coach Curcio with Matadors & Players

Players & Matadors

Alex Turckerman & Me 

Thanks first to Dante for suggesting it and helping put it all together. Thanks to Jason for reserving the room and for all the massively hard work he always does. Thanks to Rocky for rounding up the Matador gang and also the coordination of the dinner. Thanks to all of the Matadors who attended, you folks are incredible and dedicated and always impress me. Thanks for the ride to BART from Leanne and Valerie. Thanks to the Bulls players, you all Rock San Francisco hard and RULE the ice! And THANK YOU!!! to Coach Curcio who's heart is incredibly huge and who makes everything possible!