Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY 2013!

First of all, Welcome to 2013!

Let's hope it's a prosperous and joyous year for all of us. I'm sure it will have its share of ups and downs, but my wish is that it moves forward and that we all learn and grow. And for the Bulls, even if it is their first year, let them kick butt far into the Post Season!!! :)

There has been some recent news, both good and bad. The good news is Minnesota Wild player Torrey Mitchell has signed with the team. He used to play with San Jose, so he should be familiar to Sharks fans. He is NOT playing with the Sharks again, as some confused Sharks fans thought on the Bulls Facebook page, he is playing on the Bulls. This is a great addition to the Bulls lineup. He will be very helpful to the offense, give some speed and help to the front line.

The bad and sad news is that Thomas Heemskerk suffered from apendicitis over the weekend and has been placed on the 21-day Injured Reserved List. He'll be out for three weeks. Poor Tommy! I feel so bad for him. But, he's in the best of care and we all send him positive thoughts and good energy! Meanwhile, Taylor Nelson must be his best and play his best. I know he's up for the task.

Andrew Crescenzi & Taylor Nelson

Today, Union Square, Downtown San Francisco hosted its first annual Polar Bear Skate to raise money for the SF Zoo. It was a fun time. Skaters had the choice of dressing in beach wear while skating. There was going to be a dunking of Bulls players, but apparently they couldn't get the permits together in time. The players were relieved, it was cold out today.

Danill Tarasov

Jordan Clendenning

They did a rather lame version of Chuck A Puck instead and called out puck numbers, but no one wrote down theirs. Come on, if we bought 6 pucks, how are we supposed to write down all 6 numbers? Oh well, the money went to a good cause, the zoo is worth it.

Taylor Nelson

There was a huge crowd and the skating session was sold old before I got there. Everyone had a nice time.

There are two games at the Barn this week, both with the Colorado Eagles. If you remember, this team loves to fight and play dirty. If you want to see some games with action and root for the Good Guys, the Bulls, to win! Join us! Let's get lots of fans supporting them!

Also this Thursday at Pedros is The Bulls Weekly. Jason will have another great guest. I think I know who it is, but I won't say just yet, as it is a surprise and should be a very entertaining show.