Friday, December 21, 2012


November 20, 2012

Thursday was a busy day for the team. First, the entire team participated in a candlelight vigil for the victims of Newtown. It was moving and emotional for everyone.

Newtown Memorial

A children's choir sang and the players took the ice as each victim's name was read. A good-sized crowd gathered, holding candles as the skaters help tribute to the children and adults lost.

Warming Up the Ice

Directly after the vigil was SF Bulls Live. Jason's guest was Alex Tuckerman. The crowd was the biggest yet at Pedro's Cantina. If you haven't joined us, Jason Lckhart, Voice of the SF Bulls, has an hour-long online show with one or two Bulls players, starting at 6pm, either on a Wednesday or Thursday. There are food and drink specials. It's a lot of fun to hang out with Jason and the players and your fellow Bulls fans.

Alex Tuckerman & Jason Lockhart

Great Crowd at Pedro's 

We had a great time with Alex, Jason and the Coach was there as well. I hope you can make it next week!

I'm very happy to announce that the Bulls FINALLY have their Upcoming Events Calendar up under the Community portion of their website. This is something I've been bugging them about for months. Now you can scan the area for public appearances and special events. There's a couple things coming up for help out the SF Zoo which I'll talk about in a future blog.

I hope to see you Friday night at the End of the World As We Know It Game. Come in your BEST End of the World Costume and you'll get two FREE tickets to the December 28th game against the Las Vegas Wranglers.