Saturday, November 24, 2012


Bulls’ promotions are great. Last night’s promotion for the game against the Ontario Reign was shopping bags with Peter Savik on the cover. Whichever of the fine people in the Bulls organization who thought up the great ideas for these promotions needs a Shout Out, because I have to say I LOVE these bags!!! I wish I could get three or four of them so I could actually USE them. The one I have is going straight into my collection. It is a thing of beauty.

Killer Bulls Shopping Bag!

It was the perfect fit for the team’s Food Drive. Let’s not forget that throughout the year many families go hungry. It’s especially true in our area where prices are so high. Sometimes a family has to choose between rent, filling up the car with gas and feeding their family. And when the thermostat drops, that need gets even more critical. The folks running the Drive had big barrels set up where fans dropped off bags of canned goods. Each donation got us a coupon for any Two-for-One ticket coupon at a future game. Excellent promotion!

And also remember that tonight is the team’s Toy Drive. The same coupon applies. Bring a toy, get a Two-for-One coupon for a future game, or use it for that night!

The promotional items are handed out by the Ice Belles. Their job is to smile, be friendly to the fans and give them whatever the promotion is for that game. Now, I can understand if the crowds are massive, the promotions didn’t show up or if the fans aren’t nice, but none of these are true, so I really can’t understand an Ice Belle being mean to a fan. I took the bag from the Belle, I said thank you, she didn’t even smile or anything, and because it was Bingo Friday, I went to take a Bingo card from a large stack. “It’s in the bag!” she shouted at me. Well, hun, I guess you could have told me when you gave me the bag, right?

If your job, other than to provide eye candy, is to be nice to the fans and help out with promotions, then you should probably do that. I have held off my opinion thus far (see an earlier blog regarding my trepidations about having them with the Bulls in the first place.) To be honest, they’re not very good at shoveling off the ice, they could take lessons from the kids who do it at The Shark Tank who rock at it! And I’m not the happiest fan about the whole ice girl thing, so, try being nicer, K?

After that whole silliness, I looked around and immediately felt at home. The Palace is my Second Home these days. I know half the vendors, ushers and fans. Sometimes I’ll go early just to walk around and say hi to everyone.

The energy last night was amazing! The crowd was superb and a great turnout as well. 4,100 came to see the Bulls, who continued their winning streak.

The game itself was exciting from start to finish. The Bulls have never beaten the Reign. In turn, Ontario has accomplished beating us in a few routs, so our win of 5 to 1 was extra sweet. Goals from the Bulls: 2 from Viedensky, 1 from Tuckerman, 1 from Sivak and 1 by Ouellet.

Marek Viedensky

Most of the regulars were there. The Bull Guy in his costume was there, of course, as well as the Rowdy Crowd at the Net End of the Barn. There was also a new character last night. At first, we thought he was just some dude dancing on the Dance Cam, but he didn’t stop there. He kept dancing to the tunes the awesome game DJ pumped out and he kept peeling off Bulls t-shirts, throwing them at the crowd!

And we loved it! We cheered for him! The Dancing Man didn’t stop the whole game. Bulls crew folks kept giving him t-shirts and he ran around to every section, throwing t-shirts, getting the crowd going in cheers, dancing and really getting everyone into the extraordinary mood of the night. I did learn that the Bulls hired him to get the crowd going, which is cool, he did his job well. Bravo!   

Me with Viedensky & Sivak

I do have a couple minor pet peeves about the in-game announcer, however. I’m not sure why it takes him so long to call out plays. Once he calls out a Bulls Power Play, for example, it’s nearly over. With penalties sometimes we never do find out what they are for. And for goodness sakes, someone teach him how to pronounce Worcester!

Speaking of the music DJ, THANK YOU!!! For keeping up the great tunes, including IRON MAIDEN!!! Dude, you rock for playing so much metal! Your friends in the headbanging community appreciate it! \m/

I have never had so much fun at a hockey game. Sure, I’ve enjoyed Sharks games, but they’re structured and rigid with none of the downhome FUN that was buzzing around the Barn last night. The only thing I can compare that too were the good times we used to have at Giants games at the Stick. Of course, when they moved to AT&T Park, along with the move, came a much higher ticker price and of course more rigidity.

If you were at the game last night, jot it down somewhere because that is one hockey game to burn in your brain and remember in Bulls history.

We’ve got another game to win tonight against the Stockton Thunder. Don’t forget to bring a toy!