Friday, February 22, 2013


This week had some major trades, see my last blog GONZO HOCKEY for an example of this. Alex Tuckerman was traded this past Tuesday, along with Martin Lee for Bryan Cameron. Then, as if that wasn’t enough to shake up the fanbase, the Bulls traded Rylan Galiardi for Tristan King.

Cameron has much better scoring numbers than Tuckerman, I get it. Tristan King's numbers are good, but  I’m still not so sure of him. He was recently arrested for having a “controlled substance” in Las Vegas. From a blogger for the Stars organization, it doesn’t sound like he’s welcomed back, so time will show us if this was a real problem for him. He could be a great member of the Bulls if this does work out.

Tonight’s game in Boise was the first on a six-game road trip. The Bulls lost 4-0. It was plagued with what is one of the Bulls biggest weaknesses. This problem is bigger than not scoring. It’s PENALTIES. One of the reasons why the Bulls lose so many games is that they get penalized so often. Tonight, one player was responsible for the most penalties and for the Steelheads scoring at least two goals. I certainly hope this player is benched for tomorrow night’s game.

To win future games, the penalties must be curtailed and soon. And by soon, I mean, yesterday.   

Tomorrow, Saturday, is my birthday. I have a wish for my birthday.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff that doesn’t matter. Work, sports, they really aren't THAT important. 

My 11-year-old friend Matty is going through chemo today. This means he’s going to be very sick for a month. He won’t be able to eat or have any fun for days and days.

So, my Birthday Wish is for him and all other kids with cancer to feel better, even for a little while. I want them to feel better so they can be kids and do what children are supposed to do….laugh, play and enjoy life. They shouldn’t have to go through this. I know this is asking the impossible, so, for my birthday, if you can, send your prayers and positive thoughts to Matty, it would truly be appreciated.

The Bulls are a new team. We’ll all get through this. It’s OK to be frustrated, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Go ahead and voice your frustration; none of us are going to like everything any team does. Just don’t give up on them, it will all work out.

The Bulls face Idaho tomorrow night at 6pm for a rematch and hopefully many less penalties.