Saturday, January 26, 2013


Last October 27th I wrote about Hockey Heaven Alaska. Back then, the Bulls were different. They were less sure of themselves, not quite as strong, had much less experience and because of that, lost all three games against the Alaska Aces.

Of course, because of the Lockout, the Aces had five NHL players padding their numbers. Now, with the trade and a few months' experience, the Bulls are faster, stronger and prepared to take on anyone. Things have indeed equaled out and the Bulls took the first game 5-2.

Christian Ouellet made not only his first goal with the team but his second. Rob Kwiet, Jordan Clendenning  and Cody Carlson also scored for San Francisco.

It was an exciting game, complete with a terrific fight won by Hans Benson.

There were some technical difficulties at so I was forced to listen to the Aces broadcast through their local radio station where the announcer kept saying, over and over “Frisco”. I wanted to smack him! Argh!!!

The two teams go at it again tonight at 8:15pm. Hopefully the sound will be working properly at