Sunday, December 2, 2012


December 2, 2012

Bulls vs Utah Dec 1, 2012 (photo courtesy of the SF Bulls)

In a disappointing road trip, the Bulls lost the three games they played on the road. Thankfully, they come home to the Barn this Wednesday for a game against the Bakersfield Condors.

Thursday, November 29th, the Bulls lost to the Las Vegas Wranglers in overtime 6-5. This was a crazy game with plenty of chances for the team to claim victory. Penalties were the big factor.

Friday, the team traveled to Utah to play two games against the Utah Grizzlies. Saturday’s match had Taylor Nelson in front of the goal. I’m never quite as comfortable with him there as I am with Thomas Heemskerk. I just think Heemskerk is a bit better, but Nelson does need time on the ice, so Friday it was. The Bulls lost to the Grizzlies 7-4, also ending their 5-game point streak.

Then for Saturday night’s game the team was ready for a comeback, but it was not meant to be. And yet again, penalties were the culprit. Heemskerk’s goaltending was good and not the problem. Even the fights were not. Much like Friday night, there was times when the team has to fight one 5-on-3 Penalty Kills and that’s when Utah swooped in. To their credit, the Bulls were able to hold off many PKs, but how many is too many? And how much more would the score be had their not had to overcome being so shorthanded for some much of the game?

Previously, I had written that one of the keys the Bulls must overcome are penalties. Namely, they must stop committing senseless penalties. In their four-game winning streak, they had done this. The Guys had kept to smart playing, focusing on the winning line, instead of getting lost in High Stick or Delay of Game penalties (for example) that seemed to plague their more recent away games.

I’m not adverse to penalties. Everyone’s going to commit them. But, our opponents are smart and they want to win. We must want to win more and to do this, we must play smarter.

On the positive note, coming home to play will be good for the team. Go see them Wednesday night versus Bakersfield and coming up next weekend Friday and Saturday, December 7th and 8th they play Colorado Eagles.

If you only go to one game, go to Friday night when the Bulls host the First Annual Teddy Bear Toss! Bring a Teddy Bear to the game (no battery bears please!) and then the Bulls score their first goal, toss your bear onto the ice. All the bears will be gathered and given to kids in need. It’s a great, great event very popular in minor league hockey.

So, see you this week!