Friday, January 18, 2013


The ECHL All-Star game takes place in Loveland, Colorado January 22nd and 23rd. The All-Star team, made up of the best in the ECHL will take on the host team, the Colorado Eagles in a fun and competitive game. Along with the game, there will be the skill challenges such as shooting efficiency, skating speed and a few others.

Dean Ouellet & Jason Lockhart

The only Bulls member to be chosen to the All-Star game was Dean Ouellet. I personally think that Peter Sivak should have also been chosen, but as a new team, I guess that's the way it goes. We'll have more next year. 

At last night's Bulls Weekly, held at Pedro's Cantina, Jason's guest was Mr. Ouellet, who being very friendly and fun made for a great show. 

We at THE BULLS SHEET hope Dean has an awesome time in Loveland. Enjoy every moment of it! 

Because of the hectic game schedule, there won't be another Bulls Weekly until February 20th. 

Remember, the Bulls play three games against the Stockton Thunder this weekend. First, tonight in Stockton, then Saturday at the Barn, so I hope you'll be there. Then the team goes back to Stockton Sunday for the final round. I'll be in Cowtown for that game, so if you see me, say hi!


Yours Truly with Dean & Jason