Sunday, January 27, 2013


I read some guy’s hockey blog a few weeks ago and he said that he’d rather write about ice girls because he thought that hockey players were stupid. Sorry buddy, but I think we ALL know who the dim one is, and it’s not hockey players! Not sure why he was even writing about hockey if he dislikes the athletes involved, but that’s none of my business.

My friend Matty had his Eleventh Birthday yesterday. He’s a stage 4 cancer survivor and every day is a battle of some sort due to his health problems.

Matty loves hockey. He lives and breathes the game. I tweeted the Bulls players and asked them to tweet Matty to wish him a Happy Birthday. He was so surprised that many of them did, including Coach Curcio. Matty and his family were really touched by the team’s warm-heartedness and I’ll never forget it. To a good kid who doesn’t have a whole lot of great days, they helped make his birthday a Great Day.

Of all the players I’ve met, spent time with, none were stupid. None were nasty or self-centered. The Bulls players are as cool as they get.  

So, don’t go telling me how stupid athletes are, especially hockey players. You say that to my face, you’ll be lucky to get away with a stern talking to.

In AMAZING Bulls news, the team took 2 games out of a 3-game series from the top team in the ECHL, the Alaska Aces. I wrote about Friday night’s game already. Saturday night’s game was close with the Bulls losing 2-1. The game was an exciting battle throughout, but the team just couldn’t get pucks past the Aces’ goalie Gerald Coleman.

Today’s game seemed more like a mission than just a game. The San Francisco team was determined to win. Dean Ouellet ranked a score first, followed by two goals by Peter Sivak, giving him a team high of 21 goals. D. Ouellet has 20.

Jordan Clendenning got into a nasty fight as well. I sure wish the Bulls would FILM Bulls’ fights! It would be awesome to watch and rate them on!

The game was so close through the entire 60 minutes. It ended at 2-2 in regular time and went into Overtime. Sivak dropped in the first goal and the Bulls win 3-2!

Next Bulls game is in Stockton Wednesday, January 30th. Next home game is January 31st against Ontario. We got this.