Friday, February 1, 2013


It’s been a busy week for me. Wednesday night I was at the Fillmore to see the might Testament. What a great show it was! They’re touring now with Overkill, presenting the Dark Roots of Thrash Tour. It was a lot of fun. I’ve been part of the Bay Area metal community for decades and to hang out with old friends was a real treat.

On Wednesday night the Bulls played the Stockton Thunder in that busy metropolis Stockton. (I’m kidding, hardly anything ever happens there.) The Bulls lost in a shootout 4-3. I followed on Twitter and it sounded like an extremely nasty game with lots of fights. In fact, Jonathan Lessard hurt his nose, it may be broken, but I’m not sure about that.

Jonathan Lessard in full face mask 

Thursday night’s game was against the Ontario Reign. I took a friend who had never been to a hockey game before. He had a great time and wants to go to more Bulls games. It was the last Thirsty Thursday and the team gave away cute orange plastic cups.

I sort of knew this was going to be a nasty game. Even before the warm-ups started, the Reign tried to push the Bulls’ buttons, nearly starting huge a fight between the two teams.

Pre-game Chippiness

Unfortunately, the Reign outplayed the Bulls for most of the game. They’re a tough team, tied for top of the Western Conference with the Alaska Aces. It got ugly in the Third Period though when Alex Tuckerman gave a Reign player a nasty hit along the boards. The guy took personal offense for it, so they fought it out. It looked like Alex got the best of him. But, the guy wouldn’t shut up!! He was chirping all the way to the Box, and was still blabbing away once the door was shut.

Alex Tuckerman

In fact, AFTER the game was OVER, and the penalty box door was open, the Reign player kept yapping, so much so both teams wanted to fight each other again. The ECHL really needs to give this dude a fine or suspend him from a game or two. There was no excuse for that kind of behavior.

The Reign beat the Bulls unfortunately, 5-2. Peter Sivak and Dean Ouellet both got goals in the Third Period and San Francisco tried to stage a comeback, but couldn’t do it.

The Bulls have a few days off. Next game is February 6, Wednesday, versus the Wranglers, when the team holds their Wrangle a Date. Yeah, I know, but what can we do? Haha!

And this Sunday, the 49ers go to the Superbowl!! This is a huge deal for San Francisco, so I’ll write about that Monday! Go Niners!!!