Wednesday, December 12, 2012


December 12, 2012

There was a flurry of activity at Bulls HQ this week. The announcement of a free game between the Bulls and the Stockton Thunder at the Shark Tank in San Jose on Monday, December 17th was followed by a tidal wave of of crazed Bay Area hockey fans.

It was a huge undertaking for the young team. First, understand it was the San Jose Sharks’ idea. The logistics to make it happen were Herculean-size and considering how little time the All-Pro staff had, they did a great job.

I’m thinking that because it was the Sharks’ idea, the NHL team also felt that their customers, ie:  Sharks season ticket holders, should get first crack at the tickets. OK, fair enough, I can understand that. Your league is so messed up right now, you have to do SOMETHING to make your customers happy. But at this point, the Bulls didn’t even know how many tickets the Sharks would give them. They were at the bigger team's mercy. Fortunately, there were enough tickets so everyone on ticket plans could get two with the rest sold this morning on Ticket Master.

Yes, there were glitches and a few problems. There are bound to be some in an operation this large thrown together so quickly. This was a LAST MINUTE deal, and out of the control of the Bulls. Keep this in mind if you are blaming everything on them. Some understanding will go a long ways.

And then there were the Stockton fans who were upset they did not get the chance to reserve tickets before they went to Ticket Master. To these Thunder fans: this is an AWAY GAME through an NHL team not affiliated with them. Yes, The Sharks were a PARTIAL affiliate in the past, sharing the Thunder with the Edmonton Oilers. So, even when the Sharks were affiliates of the Thunder, they were not the only affiliated team. Back to the present day… Stockton fans were very vocal about their feelings of entitlements, and I think it’s misplaced. They will be visitors Monday night, in an opposing team’s house, and they’d better get used to it.

Another thing to understand is that many of the ECHL players will never get the chance to play in an NHL venue ever again. This is a BIG DEAL to them! Sure, some of them are going on to big careers, but a lot are not. Just having one night to play in the Shark Tank is like a dream and one that many never be able to repeat.

Oh, and one last thing I nearly forgot. This is the first ECHL game played at an NHL venue for a long time, so, it's going to be cool to be a part of history, don't you think?

So before you’re ready to tear up your Bulls tickets and curse them out to your friends, they worked really hard at making this as good of a night as they can. Let’s all have a great time and support our guys and team, OK?

Jordan Clendenning & Jason Lockhart

I just got back from SF Bulls Live at Pedro’s Cantina. Jordan Clendenning was Jason’s guest tonight. It was a great interview and a lot of fun to hang out with the fans, Jason and Jordan. Next week it will be back at Pedro’s. I believe it will be on Wednesday the 19th. It’s directly across from AT&T Park and starts at 6pm, so join us, will ya?

Rocky (Bulls Matador Club) & Jordan Clendenning 

Tomorrow night, Thursday, December 13th the Bulls host the Thunder for 2-for-1 beers. Let’s get another win against our arch-rivals! Hope to see you there!