Sunday, January 6, 2013


This morning I woke up to hear there is a tentative agreement between the owners and players. About time. No, it’s way past about time and it’s into why the &*%^ did this take so long time? Unlike the teaming throngs, I’m not jumping for joy. This whole thing has me as disgusted as I am at the government is at being unable to solve their problems.

I refuse to point fingers at who is wrong or right. That’s not my place in this blog. All I can say is that this whole horrific experience has hurt FANS. And I will never forget this.

No, you didn’t help me find minor league hockey, I was already here. But, you made me realize that the minor leagues, unlike the NHL, cares about ME, the FAN. YOU, the NHL, do not. Whether you are an owner or player, you forgot who we fans are once you got to that level. 

So, maybe you think that we fans will ALL rush back to watch NHL games, pay whatever inflated ticket price is being asked for the rest of this non-season. And a majority of them may do this. I will be one of those who won’t.

On one level, the lockout helped the minor leagues because it brought a lot of fans to leagues like the ECHL and the AHL. I hope those fans who have been going to Bulls games won't rush off to Sharks games or other NHL teams' games and forget about the smaller teams who have been there for them. This would make me sad. The ECHL is NOT a replacement league, it is its own league and a better one, in my opinion. 

Sure, I’ll watch the playoffs. I may get excited, but it won’t be with the same gusto I have always had. I will not spend ONE DIME on the NHL this season. I certainly will NOT go to any Sharks games this season. Next season, we’ll see. Bulls games are so much more fun that I don’t know if I want to go unless they play the Rangers. The one game I wanted to see the Sharks play this year which was versus the Rangers, was wiped out due to the Lockout, so I don’t care much about the rest of this season.

We fans work hard for our money. We go to jobs that many of us don’t particularly like just so we can attend hockey games, buy hockey sweaters and have things we like. I see no reason to waste our money on teams and people who take us for granted.

But of you disagree you are indeed free to choose and I’ll hold no ill will towards anyone who rushes back to the NHL. Good on ya! Just don’t forget about the SF Bulls. They always love you!

Remember Bulls Weekly is January 9th, this Wednesday. Jason always has a Bulls player as a guest, and this week it’s a very cool player. This is going to be a great show! Be at Pedro’s, just across from AT&T Park. Starts at 6pm.

The Bulls play the Idaho Steelheads Thursday,  January 10th at the Barn!