Friday, December 14, 2012


November 14, 2012

Last night's Bulls win against the Stockton Thunder was a stunner and something the Bulls have done a few times in their short history. The game bounced back between the two teams with Peter Sivak slipping in a quick goal to win the game in Overtime 4-3.

Andrew Crescenzi 

If you've been paying attention all season, however, this come-from-behind win is nothing new. They've been doing it again and again. Sometimes, like last night, the Bulls can come back and rule the roost, while at other times, they fall short. But they never give up.

It's one of the things I love so much about this team. NEVER SAY DIE. I was reading a couple writers who expressed dismay that towards the end of the game, they thought the Bulls had lost the game, and then came back to win. Huh? Perhaps they don't know Our Beloved San Francisco Bulls. The Bulls Faithful have already seen them come back from a 4-1 deficit early in the year, as well as closer scores. It's that fighting spirit that's respected so much in the SF Bay Area. We're home to the original Forty-Niners, who came to California searching for wealth, as well as pioneers, immigrants and all who are looking for a better life. So a team with grit and fire that does not give up is well-respected quickly here.

The Bulls beat the Thunder in Overtime, and it was a nail-biter for most of the three periods. This is not to say there weren't mistakes. Lack of rebounds were costly to San Francisco. But Stockton's inadequate puck handling made up for a lot of it.

Dylan King, Peter Sivak & Rob Kwiet 

It was also the Bulls' first 50% off beers night, or 2-for-1. They're not allowed to say that though, because they can't advertise free beer, hence the 50% off advertising, but free beer is always a good and popular thing. The crowd got into the cheaper beers big time.

Tonight the Bulls play the Ontario Reign and tomorrow night the Bakersfield Condors. Then on Monday they once again play Stockton at HP Pavilion. Please, WEAR BULLS GEAR! This will NOT be a Sharks game, so leave your Sharks clothing at home. Be Bulls Proud and show off you Orange, Black & Gold!!!