Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bryan Cameron at Bulls Weekly

We had a great time at Pedro's tonight for the SF Bulls Weekly broadcast. Jason did his usual excellent job at bringing everyone in the audience or listening online up to speed. It was a pleasure hearing about last night's game, complete with recorded highlights.

Bryan Cameron & Jason Lockhart

Bryan Cameron was a terrific guest. He scored highest of all Bulls players in the quiz Jason gives the guys at the end of the hour. Taylor Nelson had held the best score, but Bryan came through with just a fraction of a point better. Of course, it's all in fun and Bryan handled it like a pro.

I believe the next Bulls Weekly is next Wednesday, but I can't confirm that.

This weekend is packed with two great games against the Utah Grizzlies and chances to see ex-Bulls players. Saturday is also the season ticket holders Tailgate Party, so I know I'll see many of you there.

Remember, the number of home games left is dwindling away, so don't wait to go see San Francisco hockey. It's a long time until next season.



After the incredible win Sunday, us fans thought all had settled down for a bit, but no, there was to be another change for the Bulls. Yanni Gourde was quickly returned to Worcester. I knew it would go back to the Worcester Sharks, but I was hoping that he would last here even a couple more games, because the team was helped so much by his speed and shooting talents.

The Bulls weren’t left empty-handed, however. Worcester sent us Tommy Grant, who with the Sharks and Connecticut Whale had 21 points total this season in 48 games.

So, with this change, the team went to short distance to Stockton last night. What happened was amazing and gave a broad smile to every Bulls fan.

The Bulls trounced the Stockton Thunder 7-2. It was an old-fashioned stomping, helping the team’s win streak.

Stockton scored first, but then it was all San Francisco. Peter Sivak got two goals and unbelievably, two penalties. Newcomer Tommy Grant got one goal and two assists, Kory Falite scored a goal, Nick Walsh scored, Bryan Cameron also scored, and Tristan King got a goal that was one of the most beautiful goals I’ve seen.

Stockton was able to sneak past one more goal, but it didn’t matter, the game belonged to the Bulls.

This is a huge win and should help the team get wins over the Utah Grizzlies this weekend.


I often wonder why people post nasty comments in a team’s facebook page. The Bulls are very easy to contact, so if someone has a problem with something the team is doing, the best thing is to pick up the phone and call them.

Of course, this would mean the internet bullies wouldn’t get the attention they’re craving by doing this. This came to light recently with the Bulls upcoming You Can Play/LGBTQ Night March 23rd. It was surprising how much hate this aroused. Obviously, those posting the hateful comments towards the Bulls and the night have no clue (nor do I think they care) what You Can Play is about. They’re too wrapped up in their own flag of bigotry to see anything.

The Bulls are a San Francisco professional sports team. They’re trying to be all-inclusive, as all pro sports teams in San Francisco should be. If this makes a few people uncomfortable, perhaps it’s time for some self-soul searching.

I don’t care what your politics are, I don’t care what your religion is; this is a matter of fairness. With this much seething hatred toward those who may be different than those spewing the poison, there is a lot of work to be done. Nowhere was this more apparent than the remarks of 49ers players Chris Culliver last season. I love the 49ers, but what he said was inexcusable and unfortunately, many still feel this way. Bigotry of any sort will not be tolerated by me or The Bulls Sheet.

Below is a great piece that brings the matter home. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Tonight is Bulls Weekly. Jason’s guest is Bryan Cameron. Join us at Pedro’s Cantina for a fun evening!

Next games are Saturday and Sunday at the Barn versus Utah. It will be our chance to see a lot of ex-Bulls players as well.