Tuesday, December 18, 2012


December 18, 2012

Continuing from today's earlier blog....

Yes, the Bulls lost 6-4. Stockton overpowered us on nearly every level. The Bulls tried to pull it out at the end, but ran out of time. The Bulls' weaknesses were in communication, passing, basic stuff really. The team needs to talk to one another. Time to hit the drills again, Guys.

Peter Sivak

The game was exciting and there were some good fights. Sharks fans aren't used to the hard-hitting style of the Bulls. I prefer this East-Coast style over the passive McLellan school of hockey. I like challenging, in your face ice. So, stop thinking the Bulls are Sharks Jr. Far from it. I think some of the Sharks fans were shocked and delighted by their aggressive playing as well, having put up with the passiveness of TMc for so long, maybe this was a nice change for them.

It was great to see so the Bulls Faithful at HP last night. That made me very happy. But during one moment last night I was extremely not happy. One Sharks fan decided he thought it would be funny to make fun of the Bulls. Here he and his friends went to a game FOR FREE. A Bulls game. FOR FREE. And what did he do afterwards, he made fun of the Bulls. As soon as I heard him, I told him to shut the f**k up. He did. Lucky for him. I will not put up with anyone badmouthing my Bulls.

Daniil Tarasov

I don't understand how any fan of a league who is NOT even playing this season (and who probably will NOT play at all this season) can have an attitude about a league who's working hard to give their fans great entertainment.

So, if you are not yet a Bulls fan, join us at a couple games. No, the Cow Palace is not all shiny and pretty. It's all fancy and the seats aren't all perfect. But, the fans are friendly, and we have a great time!

Rob Kwiet

SF Bulls Live happens this Thursday at Pedros Cantina at 6pm, just across the street from AT&T Park.

Friday, December 21st, the Bulls play the Ontario Reign in the End of the World Game. Where would YOU rather be when the world ends?




December 18, 2012

When I first heard the news that the Bulls/Thunder game from January 16th to HP Pavilion last night, I had mixed feelings. First and the very most important thing, I was happy for the Bulls players. This was an extremely rare and unique opportunity for these minor league athletes to get ice time on an NHL rink in a huge arena. There were over 12,000 people gathered, watching, most were watching anyway. More on that in a bit. So, for the players’ sakes, it was great.

As I have written previously, this was not the Bulls’ idea. Nope. This came from the Sharks management, and it certainly showed. Most people attending were Sharks fans, who would have probably been just as happy if two teams from Who Cares Where had been playing, to be honest. When the players were announced, more applause arose for Ryane Clowe than anyone else. To be expected, 80-90% Sharks fans, this was not a Bulls crowd.

When I got inside, I noticed just how few Bulls fans there were. A very small amount of hockey lovers percentage were dressed in orange, black and gold. This made me a little sad. Perhaps I was hoping for too much. I know that only a small percentage of tickets were given to Bulls fans after the majority of Sharks fans had their fill. What was left went to Ticketmaster. So, that’s my mistake for thinking otherwise.

I was seated at the Bulls end of the rink Goal side and up a ways. Disappointed in my seats, I looked around to see I was the only one in rows of people dressed in Bulls gear. However, Hans Benson was sitting behind me for two of the periods so I got the chance to chat with him a little bit. That was cool.

The lack of interest in the game by so many people in my area was really surprising to me. In fact, a couple sitting in front of me didn’t like that I shouted during the game and cheered and called out player’s names. Isn’t that what REAL fans do? If you don’t care about the game, or want something quiet to go to, I’m sure there’s a low cost ballet performance you can attend.

This was Bulls hockey!!! It wasn’t a Sharks game, but you could hardly convince the majority of people attending. Ask them the name of our mascot and I bet 90% of them couldn’t tell you. Fortunately, a few of them got into the game after a bit in my section. I talked with a nice group of Sharks fans who hopefully will go see a Bulls game or two.

I do hope even a handful of Sharks fans will become Bulls followers. I’m not saying to become fanatical like many of us Bulls Faithful, but give them a chance in their own house. Move out of your comfort zone. The NHL isn’t here for you, are they?

I want to thank the Bulls management and staff for working so hard putting this together at the last minute. You all have been working nonstop for days and it’s truly appreciated. I also really want to thank the Bulls for providing AMAZING transportation to each and every Bulls game. Caltrain SUCKS! The train back home was 30 minutes late and I did not even step through the door to my apartment until 1:15am. So the very fact that the Bulls have a FREE SHUTTLE to and from BART is awesome!


I’ll post pictures later today and do a follow up with things to come for the Bulls this week.