Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So much happened today at Bulls HQ! The first news, which I had been told about a couple days ago and was sworn not to say anything about, was Peter Sivak’s Call-Up to Worcester. No one deserves it more than Sivak. He’s the lead scorer for the Bulls and I actually find it curious it didn’t happen earlier.

Then the Call-Up for Dean Ouellet to go to the Hamilton Bulldogs, the AHL team for the Montreal Canadiens also happened today.

Both Ouellet and Sivak are on loan to the two teams and could be back in time for the Playoffs, Coach Curcio told us at Bulls Weekly today. (See what you missed tonight?) The key word is “could be”, nothing is certain and no one is sure when or if they will return.  

Simon Danis-Pepin was placed on Reserve, which means he’s on Day-to-Day status. He could play at any time if he’s able.

Now the adds…there are five new members today with more additions tomorrow. Two players were loaned from the Hamilton Bulldogs: Daultan Leveille and Antoine Corbin. Nick Czinder and Brett Findlay both signed individual contracts and Edward Gale signed an amateur tryout agreement. A couple of the players tried out today with more arriving tomorrow. As soon as we get the total of adds, I'll gather more information about them for The Bulls Sheet. 

While the losses of Sivak and Ouellet for however long it is seems harsh, this is an incredible step in their professional hockey careers. We should all feel very happy and proud for them and smugly know that we saw them play at the Barn, much like we saw Belan, Tarisov, Viedensky and Gourde play.

The other huge bonus is this is that we can also feel secure in knowing that we have a coach and team management who knows how to get good players. We have had a huge amount of players get called up. Coach Curcio is very, very good at what he does. He knows where the real talent is and can snag it. So, when we need more talent, he can get it.


Bulls Weekly took place at Pedro’s tonight with Jason and his special guest Bulls team Captain Scott Langdon. Scott speaks in a quiet, thoughtful manner, but had much to say. As always, we had a great time.

Scott Langdon & Jason Lockhart

Coach Curcio with Baby Guillermo

Ryan and Raudel of the Bulls Front Office

The Bulls Weekly crowd - with Carola & Tasha in the front


Next games are Friday and Saturday nights at the Cow Palace against Stockton. Be there!