Saturday, December 22, 2012


Where Would YOU Rather Be When the World Ends?

December 22, 2012

One of the many calendars the ancient Mayans kept ended on December 21, 2012. This led many conspiracy theorists and fringe denizens to believe that the world would end. This “theory” was picked up by many, if only as an excuse to throw a party. Most people didn’t take it seriously, of course, though there are those who use every bizarre clue they can as a guideline towards the apocalypse.

The Bulls held their own End of the World as We Know It game tonight. It was against the Ontario Reign. The Bulls lost 3-1, but it was a hard-fought game from beginning to end. Viedensky made the Bulls’ only goal. In the final seconds it appeared that Ouellet scored; the red light was lit, but no score was given, so he was robbed.  

The team looked better in many ways; they’re talking to one another more, moving around better, improving at working the ice. The passing was better tonight than in the last couple of games, but can still be improved upon. There was also good defense around Heemskerk, who did his usual great job at the net.

One moment that was scary was Viedensky getting hurt in the 3rd Period. He skated off the ice into the dressing room, but I still don’t know how badly hurt he is.    

The Bulls have nothing to be ashamed of tonight; it was a good, close game.

Fans were encouraged to come in their best End of the World outfits, which some did, dressing as zombies and the like. 

And the world did not end.

This leads to the first question I asked….

Where Would YOU Rather Be When the World Ends?

I’m sitting here, eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and almond milk at midnight thinking of all the games and fun times I’ve had watching the Bulls. I never realized how much FUN a hockey game could be until I went to see them play. Sure, there are fancier, shinier, much, much more expensive arenas. Ones that are gigantic, ones with lots of ushers in snazzy coats that nag at you if you lean too far forward. But most of the time, it’s impossible to relax in these enormities.  

It’s like a fancy, high-priced restaurant that’s nice once in a while compared to the neighborhood bar. I don’t mind eating fine dining on occasion, but not all the time. The Barn is like the Bulls’ fans neighborhood bar. So maybe it’s not good enough to those who would rather dine on caviar but for the rest of us, it’s perfect.  

Where else would I rather be when the world ends? If everything went away, I’d rather be watching my favorite sport with the greatest fans there are. Obviously!

The Bulls play rivals Ontario Reign again tomorrow night in Ontario. Listen online at Let’s get a win!!!