Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bulls Lose In a Shootout October 17, 2012

There was a lot going on Wednesday night when the Bulls played the first of nine games on the road. The Giants had a rain delay and it just happened that their game restarted at the very same time as the Bulls. So I watched the game on television while listening to the Bulls game online.

The Reign started out getting a score in the first 13 seconds of the game, but then the Bulls took control of the game, eventually leading 4-1. Until the last three minutes of the game, where the Reign scored three times!

Bulls celebrate goal 10/17/12 (Courtesy of SF Bulls)

A five-minute Overtime went with no goals so the Shootout began and the Reign shot the most goals, taking the game. At least the Bulls gained one point.

Bulls fans can listen to every game online at For the first part of the game, the volume was really low. It was difficult to listen to until finally it was turned up. And then, in the last three minutes of the game when the Reign scored enough to tie the game, the connection was lost. So, all of us fans were left not being able to listen at all. We couldn’t hear again until the game ended.

Another thing that is very distracting is that the radio feed is about two to three minutes behind real time. So, if you follow Twitter you will see what happens before it is broadcasted.

This is all new to everyone. It will take time to work all the kinks out. So, be patient, I’m sure all the technical stuff will get better with time.

Next up, the Bulls play two games in Bakersfield.